Lucy MacVicar

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Classes you can take with Lucy MacVicar:

We Welcome Lucy MacVicar as our specialised Guest Salsa shines Instructor!

Lucy has been a prominent member of the New Zealand and Australian salsa scene for 15 years. She is an internationally certified judge and is one of New Zealand’s foremost salsa technicians. She is a firm believer that there’s always more to be learned in pursuit of excellence, and isn’t afraid to be out of her comfort zone through the learning process. She has recently been delving into the Afro-Cuban roots of salsa to build her own dance repertoire, and encourages her students to explore all facets of dance. Lucy’s background in professional theatre, music and classical dance gives her an intricate understanding of rhythm and performance, and she loves nothing more than watching people who exude pure joy while they dance. Lucy is proud to be a teacher and choreographer on the Vuelta Dance teaching team. She loves collaborating with the Dunedin-based teachers to blend contrasting styles and cook up choreographic magic. Distance is no barrier for the fantastic Vuelta team!