Cha Cha Class

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Cha Cha Class

Finn and Donna from LatinFire at the NZ Salsa dance nationals competitionCome along and join us for a fun Street Cha Cha course with Donna on Monday's at 6:15pm starting from 18th July.

This course will go over the fundamentals and timing of Cha Cha then onto some fun, creative Cha Cha moves that will enhance help your dancing & technique!

We will show you some Cha moves unique to this dance, some great shine footwork with a special flavour that shows you why we love this dance style so much. 

This will mostly be a shine course however if we get so partners coming along we can add some partnering as well!

Anyone welcome!




Latin Fire Dance Studio, Christchurch, NZ Cha Cha workshop at NZ Pacific Salsa Congress 2009

Chacha move at Latin Fire, Christchurch, NZ Donna and Warren Hanmer Festival.avi

Latin Fire Cha Cha Cha - Latin Fire, Christchurch

Latin Fire Cha Cha Team Latin Fire Dance Academy NZ Salsa Congress 2014

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Location of Studio(s)

Huadu Education (Ground Floor)

282 Durham Street North, Christchurch City


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