Intermediate Salsa

Intermediate Salsa

I've really enjoyed this year and feel like my confidence is growing with the great experiences I've had so far.

I love the classes and feel that I've learned a lot thank you so much looking forward to next year. Thanks for everything.


We start our classes with shine footwork to get your body warmed up. Then after a quick stretch we everyone partners up.

We then recap our move from the previous week & restart a new Salsa turn pattern. We like to teach moves with good fundamentals but also with a little bit of something different to keep our classes stimulated every week!

In this level we will teach you more exciting & intricate Linear style Latin dance turn patterns with some fun added dips, tricks, spins and salsa challenges you will love! 

We also add extra dance styling for both men & women to spice up your salsa dancing, challenge you further and help you stand out on the dance floor. We love to develop confidence and flavour in our dancers!

You will be taught by our skilled, friendly, passionate and  highly experienced dance tutors Shannon & Mike, who have won numerous competitions and awards throughout and are very skilful, caring teachers & performers of Latin Dance!

Please note: You will need to know fundamentals of Salsa throughout the earlier levels to take this class!

You must be a competent Salsa dancer for this level!!

Partner not necessary. 

Latin Fire - Salsa Teams - *South Island Salsa Competition 2014* 720p

Latin Fire Dance Academy Salsa Advanced Move. Christchurch, New Zealand

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Location of Studio(s)

Huadu Education (Ground Floor)

282 Durham Street North, Christchurch City


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