Kids Dance

Kids Dance

My daugter really enjoyed last year and the concert at the end of the year gave her great confidence and enthusiasm to perform again some day. I think you do a fabulous job in your role and it was wonderful to see all the different groups on that hot hot day!
Many thanks for your lovely way with the children and everything she learned.

Robyn (Jan, 2017)

 'Dance Revolution'

Dance is FUN & Awesome for kids' FITNESS!


If you have high energy kids, or children you want to get into fun exercise or help grow in confidence then you'll love these classes - Jazz dance and  Hip Hop dance moves, takes a lot of energy and we keep them moving!

Latin Fire's minis Kids Hip Hop classOur classes will help boost your children's fitness, help their confidence while giving them the skills to bring out the latest dance moves. The movement skills they gain are ones that they'll keep for life. We like to keep it fun but work on focusing the children to improve their dance and co-ordination! We start classes with a warm up designed to increase fitness levels and flexibility and strength, then move onto a step by step dance routine where we challenge them with new moves, rhythms and patterns. We build on their existing skills and get the kids developing new ones regardless of their existing abilities, one of the many great things about dance is that a wide range of skill levels can bring children together as one unit.

Over the course of a term you will see your child develop movement, rhythm and team work skills as well as seeing their confidence grow with their new found talents.

Both boys and girls are welcome to all of our child classes and will all work together on their moves - you'll be impressed by what they can achieve.

Course content varies, new moves are always being added and one term is never the same as the next so here's a rough guide to what you can expect in a set of classes - actual content will vary:

  • Warm up
  • Body isolations
  • Turns & spins
  • Flexibility
  • Choreography
  • A fun, team building warm down for younger classes

VALUES: At Dance Revolution we offer children a way to express themselves and learn dance in a fun, safe environment, as well as making new friends & growing in confidence!

DRESS: Children with long hair are to have their hair tied back. Please wear your Latin Fire t-shirt with leggings, shorts or tights. Jazz shoes encouraged!

PERFORMANCES: We have 2 shows per year (Mid year & Christmas) plus various performance opportunities throughout the year!

PRACTICE: We encourage students to practise their moves they learn at class at home!

And post practices on the Dance Revolutions Parents facebook page!

We are also on Instagram!

DRINK: Please bring a water bottle to classes.

DANCE FEES: Fees are to be paid within the first 2 weeks of the term to D M Frost T/A Dance Revolution: ANZ 010811 0762156-51


MONDAY:   3:30-4:20pm (ages 9-10 yrs) 'Yellow Team' (Jazz Dance)  

                   4:20-5:15pm (ages 10-13 yrs) 'Orange Team' (Jazz Dance)

                   5:15- 6:10pm (ages 11-14 yrs) 'Red Team'  (Hip Hop)                           

WEDNESDAY: 3:30-4:15pm (ages 5 - 6 yrs) 'Blue Team' (Jazz dance)

                     4:15-5:00pm (ages 8-10 yrs) (Junior Contemporary)

                    5:-00 - 5:45pm 'GreenTeam' (8-10 yrs)  (Hip Hop Dance) 

THURSDAY: 3:30-4:15pm (ages 9-12 yrs) (Intermediate Latin)  

                    3:30-4:15pm (ages 7- 8 yrs) 'Violet Team' (Jazz dance)

                    4:15-5:00pm (ages 10-13 yrs) (Intermediate Contemporary)

                    5:15-6:10pm (ages 13-17 yrs) (Musical Theatre) (282 Durham Street)

We also have Youth Latin Dance Competition classes (invitation only):

                    Friday 4:30-5:15pm (ages 13-17 yrs)

Senior Jazz, Musical Theatre & Senior Contemporary classes at Huadu Education, 282 Durham Street North, Christchurch


Please note; Ages for these classes are indications only!

FEES: 5-8 year olds ($100 per term) (Wednesday & Thursday Mt Pleasant Classes)

           9-15 year olds ($120 per term) (Monday Mt Pleasant Classes & City Classes)

           (there is an additional $15 (Juniors) $20- $30 (Seniors) costume fee for their dance show for term 2 & 4)

           1 Class: $120  /  2 Classes: $170  / 3 Classes: $210  / 4 Classes: $250 per term

(10% discount for more than 1 family member at the studio).


All Mt Pleasant classes:  Mt Pleasant Community Centre, 3 McCormacks Bay Road

Tuesday Youth classes: 282 Durham street North, Christchurch

The Mt Pleasant Classes are also very handy for people in Heathcote, Sumner, Redcliffs, Lyttelton, Woolston, Opawa & New Brighton!

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Latin fire hip hop kids, Christchurch, NZ

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Location of Studio(s)

Mt Pleasant Community Centre

3 McCormacks Bay Road, Mt Pleasant, Christchurch


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