Salsa Ball 2019

Another fantastic, fun year of dance is now over!

Just a few highlights to look back on Daniel van Beyere our new Director, South Island Latin Champs, NZ Salsa Congress, Golden Latin Weekend, World Salsa Solos, growing classes & meeting new people!

Looking forward to 2020!!

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Above and Beyond for Latin Fire

At Latin Fire we like to award the people who do so much for us. They help us is so many ways to make Latin Fire what it is today by supporting our teaching, helping sort and source costumes, creating computer systems or just giving our students that regular happy smile!! David Brokenshire (2014),...
Salsa Performance Team and instructor training, Jaime Jesus Sydney Australia LDA

Workshops with Jaime Jesus, LDA, Sydney

Jaime Jesus, from Latin Dance Australia, came to Christchurch and worked with our salsa dance team & instructors. He answered questions, polished performance skills & updated our teaching structure. Then we all went social dancing with him over the weekend. What a fun, inspirational,...
Sydney Latin Festival, January 2015 - Latin Fire's Salsa Performance Dance Team

Latin Fire Performance Dance team at the Sydney Olympic Stadium

In June, 2014 at the NZ Salsa Congress, Latin Fire were selected to perform at the Sydney Latin Festival, January 2015. A team of six of our top dancers took on the International Stage alongside performers from around the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil and Chile. The feedback...