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Donna and Warren - Salsa Dance teachersLatin Dance FAQ's

I have never danced before and feel I have 2 left feet. How will I go? Isn't Latin dance difficult?

Don’t worry this is a very common way for most people to feel until they get to their first class. In the Beginners level we assume people know absolutely nothing about Latin Dance and show the basics very clearly. We start with Merengue, which is a fun but easy dance. Becoming fluent in Salsa does take a little more time, it's true, but we know that part of the fun is in getting there. For most people it's about learning a new skill and having fun. Check out our Merengue video for a taste of what you could be doing!

Do I need a partner?

No you dont need to bring a partner. We regularly rotate people throughout the class and always have a few extra helpers around to try to balance out numbers as much as possible.

I am coming with a partner. Can we dance together?

Yes. Whether you stay together or swap is entirely up to you. If you feel more comfortable doing your Class together that is fine - though if you do change occasionally you will probably find your dancing will come along a bit quicker & you will learn some extra skills.

What do I wear to Salsa?

Most people dress for comfort at the start (e.g jeans, trousers, shorts, skirts). We have air-conditioning for the hot nights & heating for the cold nights but be prepared to take off a few layers as it is a great workout, and with Salsa, Bachata and Merengue you will get hot!

What shoes should I wear? I need special Salsa shoes, right?

Avoid sports shoes or shoes that grip as they make it harder to put in your salsa moves and to move around on the floor. Also avoid backless sandals or jandals as they could slip off as you dance & we dont want injuries. Other than that anything goes in your beginners course - as you progress however you may like to look for dance shoes but it is not essential and we can help you with that at the time.

Do I need to book or just turn up?

We prefer to pre-register so we know how many people will be at the night & can balance numbers as much as possible.

How can we pay?

Either cash, EFTPOS.or pay online.

How long will it take me to learn Salsa or Bachata dancing & get good at it?

That is totally up to you. The more lessons you take per week the quicker you can improve. Some people do learn faster than others. If you have had some previous dance training you may pick it up a lot faster. A good sense of rhythm and music timing will help. Most important is to bring along a fun attitude & enjoy it!

Is Dance a sport?

Technically, to be a sport, the activity must be active and the player, or dancer in this case, must have physical effort and skill.

If you have ever danced (not matter if its socially or competitively) then you will understand that dance is extremely active and the dancer must use physical effort to learn the skill. Without skill, this SPORT would not be a sport, so technically, dance is a sport.

The conflict with this is that many people that don't accept dance as a sport do not dance and have no idea how much work goes into the training, and effort to make a dancer shine!

Especially when you consider the competition aspect. If you compete its even MORE work.

So, Conclusion: Is dance a sport? Hell yes!    Go to a class & you will find out!!

What is the general age of the class?

There are a wide range of people who dance Salsa in our adult classes from 16 - 65 years!

When can I start learning Salsa or Bahcata!

Check out our class schedule and get yourself booked in!


Please remember to wear deodorant and if you sweat a lot maybe bring a change of shirt or towel.

Please ask a dance partner to dance, don't just grab them!

If your partner does not feel comfortable dancing in a close hold then dance further apart. No-one wants to feel uncomfortable on the dance floor, we want it to be fun for everyone. Each person has their own confort level so please respect it!

If you have eaten something spicy for dinner it's a great idea to eat a peppermint or clean your teeth before social dancing.

Lead your dance partner gently on the dance floor. Don't yank them around & dip them repeatedly.

Gentlemen you are responsible for the safety of your dance partner. If the dance floor is crowded lead them safety around the floor so they don't receive the wrong end of a heel, elbow or head.

Please do not teach on the social dance floor. That is why we go to a class, at social dancing it just isn't appropriate.

Gentlemen please dance at the ladies level. If you don't know your dance partner start with simple moves & if they cope you can increase the level. Don't make them feel uncomfortable and inadequate by trying moves that are possibly too hard for the lady!

Smile at your partner and enjoy the dance and they will enjoy it so much more.

The last big important message is the social dance floor is not a performance area. Keep your performance moves to the stage and just enjoy the music and your dancing!


Which dance class is the right one for me?

Beginners :

Learn to partner dance with some great moves but with the simple foot movement of 'Merengue' (an easy 1,2 walking rhythm). Move on through the term to the beginnings of Salsa with the 'quick, quick, slow' foot movement or Bachata . Learn basic footwork, turns & cross body lead. Check out our salsa FAQ if you'd like to know more - some of our Social Salsa Dancing Etiquette info is relevant to classes as well.

Youth :

We have classes in Salsa, Contemporary, Hip Hop & Jazz dance styles. Classes focus mostly on performance work and learning Dance Routines, adding some technique work on turning, spinning, arms and footwork. All ages.


Strengthen your Salsa leading, timing & following and start developing some nice combinations of moves. Moving onto 1 1/2 cross body turns, added footwork, body movement, Spins, Copas, 360 Collect and more fun. This will lead you into becoming a more confident all-round dancer. 

Learn to dance salsa in Christchurch


Progressing onto more complex Salsa or Bachata moves and turn patterns to prepare you for the social dance floor. Also adding Shine routines to help progress footwork and styling into your moves. More arm styling for the ladies, further progression with your spins & a few dips & tricks!!


Learn more exciting & complicated turn patterns with some nice added dips, tricks and salsa/Bachata challenges! Add some nice styling to your dancing to help you stand out on the dance floor. You need to know fundamentals of Salsa/Bachata through the earlier levels! You must be a competent Latin dancer for this level!!


'Anything goes'  with dips, tricks, spins and performance moves!

Advanced Salsa Dance class at LatinFire in Christchurch


Samba is a lively rhythmical dance originating in Brazil. This is a Solo dance without a partner. Samba is a fast & energetic dance with great feet , arm & hip movements, so an awesome way to keep fit as well as learn a fantastic dance style!!

Hip Hop:

The dancing styles will be a mix of Hip-hop n Rhythm. All moves are original and easy to learn, but look hot when pulled off! Also a great way to exercise while having fun!

What will I learn?:

Students will learn the basics of how to hip-hop dance and how to keep to the beat. They will be taught a dance set which will change every few weeks and build up to be a set routine for a performance (or just keep it fun if they don't want to perform).  Learn more and watch a videos of kiwi international champions...

Kids Hip Hop:

The dancing styles will be a mix of Hip-hop n Rhythm. The students will learn body isolations and movement, footwork & use of arms. They will work on putting moves together from class into a small dance. It is fun, great fitness, they will meet new friends & learn a popular style!! Performance opportunities available!!


Learn some awesome funky moves & learn a routine to perform!!Taking enrolments now!!

Reggaeton uses an urban form of music which has its roots in Latin and Caribbean music. Vocals include rapping and singing, typically in Spanish. Lyrics tend to be derived from hip hop rather than from dancehall. It is a up beat, fun dance & you don’t need a partner. You have to check it out!!!


Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance fitness class, which incorporates dance movements to Latin and International music creating a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system!!!

Its fun "exercise in disguise!"

It's different; the music... the moves... the atmosphere... 

It's easy to follow and designed for everyone at any fitness level!

It's effective training to tone the entire body and desired fitness goals!

A partner is not necessary, just come along & have some awesome fun!!


What to wear:  comfortable work out attire / flat supportive shoes i.e gym trainers


What to bring:  Sweat towel / Water bottle / and lots of energy!

Stretch & Toning:

Give something back to your body!! Stretching your muscles is good to increase your flexibility as well as protecting the muscles in your joints. Conditioning will be working on your core strength focusing on abdominal & back muscles.

All of the above Salsa & Hip Hop lessons can be arranged online

Performance Class (Level 5/6):

A specialised Latin Dance Troupe, the Top dancers are put through their paces with challenging, fun and knock out routines . Choreographed routines can include ChaCha, Bachata, Salsa and sometimes a touch of hip hop but all definitely with the Latin flavour!! Anyone interested please contact Donna.

Our Team have been selected and performed at NZ Congress, Sydney Latin Festival, Byron Bay Festival, DouDoule (Gold Coast) as well as Melbourne Latin Festival!!

Our performances always stand out with our passion, style and the 'something different' we always like to bring!!

We Contribute to our Community!!

Latin Fire are proud to help our community by taking part in many charity events & offering Dance Scholarships to kids who can't afford classes but who have a great passion to learn Salsa Dancing!!