Try a free Latin Dance Move! (Two Videos)

Thinking about trying out some Latin Dance but aren't sure? Read the text below and watch the video at the bottom, then grab a partner and get your first taste of Merengue ( a form of Latin Dance ) for free.

At Latin Fire we start our [[23|beginner classes]] with Merengue, the National Dance of the Haiti/Dominican Republic & now danced worldwide. It is by far the easiest dance to learn with an easy 1,2 walking rhythm - you can learn some great moves without having to get involved with tricky footwork.

It is a partner dance held in a 'closed position' & can be danced either closely or further apart if that is more comfortable for the dancers. The man holds the ladies upper back with his right hand while keeping his left hand (her right) at the woman's eye level. The knees are slightly bent to help the hips move left & right in sequence with your partner.

Another great thing about Merengue (which means 'whipped egg whites & sugar') is that it can be danced to traditional Latin music as well as many types of Club & Pop music, this makes it a useful dance anywhere and for any occasion. A man can lead any lady - regardless of whether they have danced before or not - into some great dance moves.

Watch the video below and try out a free Merengue move with your partner - this is the type of move you can expect to take away with you on your first few nights with Latin Fire Dance Studio!! Have fun!! And don't worry if you don't get it from the video, come along for a [[23|free dance class]] and we'll help you get it right.

Merengue Move #2